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Our model is dismantled, so for applications that require a smaller space can extract the edges and used independently pyramidal upper part, made of aluminum with a nice white lacquer finish.

Pirámide energética desmontada

It is very important the color of the pyramid, each tone has different qualities that are specific for different uses. The white has proved the most effective of all, it contains the whole chromatic range

Food under the pyramid not only preserved, but also improve their qualities. Also, the water molecules and any drink are reorganized and cleaned. It is bacteriostatic, so that no virus can develop inside. This happens the same way with the rest of food and treatment to people and pets.

Wine and spirits, all authors and subject matter experts share the same experience in their various trials; snuff, wine and spirits improve flavor and bouquet.

An experiment is subjected to the action of the pyramid a glass of liquor just a few hours of exposure – sometimes even less time- and compare with one taken straight from the bottle: the drink of the pyramid is softer by far.

pirámide para purificar agua y vino

Another treatment that subject the spirits and wines is to introduce in the pyramid in a closed container for a month. This speeds up the maturation without losing graduation. It is to be noted that certain liquors not improve over time, so the use of the pyramid in this case has no effect.

Fruit exposed for only a day has shown preserved in good condition for longer.

Pirámide para conservar fruta

The flavor enhancement, and in the case of citrus acidity decreases considerably.

The seeds are retained indefinitely, and do not lose their ability to germinate.

The most impressive results in terms of tangible experience occurs with water-rich fruits such as tomatoes, which are dried arriving with time to lose up to 95% of its volume, in contrast to untreated entering state putrefaction. Place the pyramid on his orchard, or a steak or perishable food if you want to conduct experiments. Under the pyramid putrefaction it is not possible (bacteriostatic). It is recommended that the pyramid remains fixed in the same place for three or four days to condense your energy and enhance its effects, and remember to be oriented north-south magnetic (the compass pointing north and not the geometric, which lies some degrees), so that each -indiferentemente which one-sided look at a cardinal point. Do not worry if the orientation is not perfect, like an antenna can happen to lose some signal energy in this case, but will still work.

The action of the pyramid is to generate and supply the body with enough energy and vitality for it to increase its defenses against disease in an extraordinary way to get to dominate even in cases that would not be possible, and do it in less time.

Pirámide energética para meditación y sanación

It is important to remember is the importance of stress, tension and anxiety occur in our body, somatizing multiple ailments and diseases; and the pyramid, to activate our vital energy and improve our defenses helps the natural process of self-healing that is our body, so this is the logical explanation of its operation and not a healing power without bases. To induce relaxation and alpha wave, our body is balanced and can improve overall health.

Much has also commented on their treatment for obesity. However, the testimonies of weight loss if overweight are as common as in the case of people who manage to get fat with very low body mass. This means, again, that is a process of balancing our body to its optimum state, so it will depend on the body mass of each person and their personal needs to achieve full health.

Respect to increased potency, a hot topic discussed in the various publications, is also due to increased health and energy, because by extension all vital functions improve.

Our pyramid is the perfect size to introduce within -62cm of High- and leverage their strengths for meditation and its applications to improve our health. Speeds recovery from bruises, relieves pain, is anti-inflammatory, a powerful antioxidant, relaxing (induces alpha waves), antirheumatic, and so much more.

piramide para curar dolores de espalda

Its detachable edges make it ideal to save comfortably at home, and is mounted within a minute. In addition, the edges are designed for outdoor use and the top piece of aluminum resists water, so you can leave it set in your garden.

Sharpen blades worn under the pyramid in a matter of days, and then use them as if they were new. Need to sharpen their blades or with this experimiento see firsthand the great power of the pyramid.

Pirámide para afilar cuchillas de afeitar

The pyramid rearranges the steel particles and returns to its original position.

Also, you can from home make the opposite experiment,  expose a whole night in the light of the moon. Moon has the ability to deform the crystal structure of steel.

Brújula orientar piramide